Forgetting The Present

Forgetting The Present

Remember Remember

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After nearly three years of preparation, Remember Remember return in 2014 with their third album 'Forgetting The Present". 

With the band's membership solidified to Graeme, Tommy Stuart (synthesizers), Joanne Murtagh (glockenspiel & percussion), Joseph Quimby (guitars), James Swinburne (saxophone & keyboards) and Andy Brown (drums & percussion), the intention was to create a pure expression of the band's abilities, without the augmentation of additional players . Recorded at Glasgow's Castle Of Doom studios with the renowned Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai) at the controls, 'Forgetting The Present'  develops Ronald's key themes of pastoral beauty in "The Old Ways" and mantric, pagan repetition as found in "Magnets", yet also finds the band exploring territory unheard of in previous records such as the tropical rhythms of "Purple Phase", the melancholy space-disco of "La Mayo" and the hyper-sensory opener "Blabbermouth". 

Crafted over wintertime, Remember Remember have delivered an album that finds it creators remembering the past, casting their eyes to the future and, grandly, 'Forgetting The Present".

  1. Blabbermouth
  2. La Mayo
  3. Magnets
  4. The Old Ways
  5. Pterodactyl
  6. Why You Got A Blue Face?
  7. Purple Phase
  8. Frozen Fancy

Released: 30th June 2014