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With its screaming textures and the band’s delicate twist on pop sensibilities, 'Thriller' looks to set the standard for uncompromising, unwieldy creativity this year, drawing on their rich range of styles, influences and their history of resolutely doing their own thing.

For this release the Camberwell crew have recruited bassist Tracy Bellaries (formerly of Ikara Colt, Mystery Meat & Soulbossa) to add even more texture to their dense, pervading noise that doesn’t betray their roots as a traditional rock band. Fans of everyone from Black Sabbath and MC5 to TAD, Sonic Youth, The Melvins and Harvey Milk stand to be impressed by Thriller’s suffocating but liberating vibe that sounds brain-shakingly loud regardless where the volume dial is turned on your stereo.


  1. Trad 
  2. FFFFF 
  3. Dirty Sun 
  4. Sweet T 
  5. Tomorrow Midnite 
  6. Today 
  7. Today 
  8. Super Moody 
  9. Starpiss 

Release Date: 21st September 2009
Format: CD