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Based in Glasgow, Scotland and featuring members of Idlewild and Stretchheads Desalvo twist the influence of hardcore and metal to demand your total sensual attention. In the moment, right…fucking…NOW. This is incendiary, visceral and genuinely perverse music.

Assimilating the sounds of traditional hardcore like Converge, Mastodon and Black Flag with the psychedelic madness of Butthole Surfers, DeSalvo have gained a reputation as one of the best live bands in the UK. They are both confrontational and memorable but influence only tells half the story. Put simply DeSalvo are not a band it is easy to categorise. Their music is filthy, it’s dirty, it’s in your face, it leaves you feeling moist, aroused and slightly guilty.


  1. Brown Flag
  2. Tonguescraper Parts 1&2
  3. Ripper Situation
  4. Latrine Lizard
  5. Get Black
  6. Oedipus Rising
  7. Schindler's Lift
  8. Questionable Sport
  9. Spandoflage
  10. Cock Swastika

Released: 29th September 2008
Format: CD