It's Not Something But It's Like Whatever

It's Not Something But It's Like Whatever


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'It's Not Something But It's Like Whatever' features 9 brand new tracks in addition to last year’s limited edition single Salut! France.  Whilst managing to retain the elements of new-wave and acid- house that marked their early ‘Hans Herman’ 7” and EP ‘How Clean Is Your Acid House?’ this new material represents a natural progression and evolution in Errors’ sound that so far has seen the band touted as natural successors to the mantle currently held by the likes of Battles, Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem.


  1. Dance Music
  2. National Prism
  3. Salut! France
  4. Still Game
  5. Toes
  6. Crystal Maze
  7. Cutlery Drawer
  8. Pump
  9. The Bagpipes
  10. Alot Of The Things You Don't Isn't

Released: 2nd June 2008
Format: CD