Here Lies The Body

Here Lies The Body

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert

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“The album title has a dual meaning – sex and death.” These are common themes from Aidan Moffat; since his early days with Arab Strap, he has explored these subjects with a grace and grit that plunges deep into the human soul. But this is no re-hash of the past, rather a further leap forward for Moffat, now teaming up with fellow Scot, singer and guitarist extraordinaire, RM Hubbert, for this new project.

“It can be read as romantic surrender, but of course it’s also a phrase you’ll find on a tombstone,” Moffat elaborates. Equally multidimensional is the music contained within, weaving beautiful, spidery guitar work, haunting piano lines, lush strings, delicate percussion, fizzing 808 beats, synth pop, samba, and moments of jazz, while Moffat’s rich voice carries the narrative in rich grumbles, hushed whispers, and revealing spoken word.  

  1. Cockcrow
  2. Mz. Locum
  3. She Runs
  4. Quantum Theory Love Song
  5. Wolves of the Wood
  6. Keening For A Dead Wood
  7. Zoltar Speaks
  8. Party On
  9. Everything Goes
  10. Fringe

Released 11th May 2018