Have Some Faith In Magic

Have Some Faith In Magic


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Eighteen months on from the afrobeat-inspired robotic disco of ‘Come Down With Me,’ Errors return with their third full length album ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ an album that once and for all dismisses the overly regurgitated “post-rock” tag. It’s their firmest move yet towards something that over the past few years the Glaswegian four-piece has always hinted at: Errors have just gone and made a pop record. 

  1. Tusk
  2. Magna Encarta 
  3. Blank Media
  4. Pleasure Palaces 
  5. The Knock
  6. Canon 
  7. Earthscore 
  8. Cloud Chamber
  9. Barton Spring
  10. Holus-Bolus

Released: 30th January 2012